Crew Cab Conversions, Baleally Ln, Racecourse Common, Lusk, Co. Dublin, K45 DC86

F.A.Q  About Crewcab Conversion Proceedure

1. Can my vehicle be converted into a crew cab?

The vehicles we convert on a regular basis are Mitsubishi Pajeros, Toyota Land cruisers, Nissan patrols and Isuzu troopers. The jeep has to have certain dimensions in the back to be classed as a crew cab, if you have a query about any other jeep and whether it can be converted or not you can give us a call on 01 5241425 and one of our sales representatives will be happy to answer your questions.

2. Do I need to alter my insurance once the vehicle is converted

If your vehicle is insured privately then you may need to get in contact with your insurance provide and confirm with them whether or not you need to cover the vehicle under a commercial insurance policy.

3. Am I entitled to money back on my tax once it has been changed to commercial?

NO. if you have private tax on the jeep already and you convert it you can not get your money back on the tax. If the jeep has just been privately taxed for the year you can convert that over to commercial tax but you will not get the balance back .

4. Will my vehicle be taxed when I collect it?

When your vehicle is returned to you it will have a new commercial tax cert in the window, a new DOE test and the approved certification and logbook.

5. What paperwork is needed to complete the conversion?

In order to get the correct paper for the conversion you need to provide the log book, weight docket, and a own good declaration.

6. Will the documents I provide be returned to me once I collect my jeep?

Any documentation you provide to us will be returned to you upon collection of your jeep.

7. How long will my jeep be away?

The conversion job can take a few days to complete with paper and DOE testing. In order to get the vehicle through the DOE additional parts or works may be required lengthening the time. Also if you wish to have your vehicle serviced while it is in with us, get body work done or even just a valet these will all add extra time to the job.

8. Can you provide a replacement car?

Yes, while your vehicle is in with us we can provide you with a replacement car or jeep, which ever suits your needs better.

9. Are you open on Saturday

We are open from 8 AM TO 6PM Monday to Friday and 9AM to 3PM on a Saturday so you can drop your vehicle in at any time that suits. In certain cases we are also happy to go and collect your vehicle from you if getting to our garage is difficult for you.